3Scape helps change staff and resident
lives for the better!

“In my workload throughout (the) shift, I cannot give enough
time to each resident, as I would like. Knowing that they are not
lonely brought me comfort”.

Staff member St Therese

“The 3Scape experience helps open the door to allow residents to experience the emotions they’ve had in the past – the full range of emotions: the happy times, the sad times, the exciting times – to help them put into perspective the life they’ve lived.”

Dr. Darrin Leung, Psychiatrist, Rockyview Hospital, Calgary, Alberta

What residents and staff have told us

Over a thousand residents and staff have experienced 3Scape’s immersive videos. Feedback has been very positive. 3Scape does indeed lead to calm and relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and help bring back memories. It has also led to less isolation and more social connections as residents discuss their experiences among themselves and with staff. And very importantly, 3Scape has become a very enjoyable experience for many of them.


“3Scape would be useful in long term care environments, in rehabilitation environments, or mental health. I think in particular patients who have cognitive impairment, or limited mobility and endurance, would especially find the experience valuable.”

Dr. Suparna Madan,

Section Head, Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Calgary

Why is 3D so powerful and effective?