Caring for Seniors with Cancer

Caring for a loved one can be stressful and tiring for friends and family, especially if they are unfamiliar with prescribed medical procedures or unable to undertake the strenuous job of caring for another’s physical needs.

Virtual Reality to Provide Cognitive Therapy That Can Aid in the Early Diagnosis of Dementia

Up until recently, dementia and Alzheimer’s have been characterized by the decline in a person’s memory. Some studies now, however, are showing that a person’s ability to navigate familiar landscapes and objects might actually be the initial signs of dementia.

Why 3D Has a Proven Impact on Memory Retention

Video games and 3D/virtual reality (VR) generally have a bad reputation from health professionals as being negative influences on people’s overall wellness. However, an increasing number of medical studies are finding these technologies actually have some benefits.

How Storytelling and Narrative-Based Reminiscence Therapy Trigger Memory

The stories someone tells about their life experiences and self-narratives are essential to making sense of the world around them and where they fit. As people move through life, objects and experiences are translated into self-expressions of identity

4 American Retirement Facilities Incorporating AI and Hi-Tech Technology

3Scape Systems, Canada’s leading supplier of elderly care technology, looks at 4 American facilities incorporating hi-tech, AI, and other technologically advanced equipment.

5 Ontario Retirement Homes Leading the Way in Innovation

More than ever, retirement homes need to take critical steps to ensure their residents have the highest quality of life possible. One way to do that is to start incorporating modern technology into their daily routines.

Below are five retirement homes on the cutting edge of innovative, immersive virtual reality.

Is Your Retirement Home Ready for the Tech-Savvy Baby Boomer Generation?

The Baby Boomer generation makes up at least 20% of America today. Many of these people will be looking to move into long-term care facilities or senior care residences in the next few years. Is YOUR facility ready for them?

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Retirement Home and Assisted Living Residents’ Happiness

As the director of a retirement living community, you’re in the business of happiness. You want to ensure your residents are receiving the highest level of care at all times, and feel nothing but joy in their final years. After all, the reputation of your facility not only precedes you, but continues to lift up its status, attracting more senior citizens along the way.

3 Best Approaches to Reminiscence Therapy for Seniors

The 3Scape VR / 3D solution is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between patients, physicians, researchers, therapists, and caregivers. It has the potential to become a versatile platform for progressive geriatric treatment and care.