Immersive Experiences Designed
Specifically for your Elder Audience

3Scape is a powerful combination of deeply engaging 3D imagery and memorable story.

3Scape is an award winning, non-invasive, immersive therapy consisting of 3D TV & Virtual Reality (VR) Videos created and developed especially for residents. These videos allow viewers to experience and explore their emotions in a safe environment.

AMPIA Award; Best Immersive Experience 2019

Why these videos are so effective?

⦁ They take advantage of 3Ds proven capacity to stimulate cognitive processing and emotional response.

⦁ They engage the audience in a story.

These stories are life-like, thought-provoking and heart-warming, and based on recognizable real-life situations. They are carefully crafted and employ stunning visuals to provide maximum audience benefit.They are never invasive.

⦁ They include psychological triggers supported by international clinical studies.

⦁ They incorporate music, color and visuals to stimulate brain activity and produce a dynamic combination of sensory feelings.

3Scape Systems has two key components

⦁ A Library of specially created 3D and VR Videos. This library contains a variety of experiences ideal for this audience.

⦁ Viewing hardware
There are three ways to watch 3Scape videos:

3D 65 inch IQHD glassless TV

– “Glassless” means that 3D glasses or goggles are not required to experience the immersive 3D effect. This is a plus for those with problems or discomfort operating weighty VR goggles. With no distractions they can pay all their attention to the screen.

– “Portability” Set on its own stand, this 3D TV is easily wheeled to where it is needed, not restricted to one fixed location. Small groups of 8-12 people can enjoy watching at one time.

– “Ease Of Operation” Push button control at its simplest. Whoever handles the therapy session can operate the TV. It’s one unit with no power cords or complex speaker systems to get in the way.

VR goggles to view Virtual Reality.
Standard TV (2D)

Choose Your Resident Experience

Immersive 3D TV

3D Experience

⦁ 65 inch 3D TV
⦁ No 3D glasses required .
⦁ Content Management System*
⦁ Mobile stand available
⦁ Discussion/User guide

*Content Management System (CMS) allows access to a variety of content such as Youtube and Netflix.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR Experience
  • 2 sets of VR Goggles
  • Discussion/User guide

2D Videos

  • Play on standard TV
  • Discussion/User guide

See how doctors, therapists and residents react to the
3Scape experience.