Frequently asked questions

How often should residents watch these video presentations ?

Experience to date indicates that the quality of life benefits lasts for at least three days and often longer. Much depends on involving the resident in a discussion after the movie experience based on each individual and their particular condition/circumstances. Some of the most encouraging feedback tells of residents continuing to express their joys, and sorrows, rekindled by these movies, three weeks to a month later.

Will there be more of these scenarios for our residents to watch and benefit from ?

We are currently in development of a broad diversity of videos based on the findings of the clinical studies, now under way. We also take advice on the topics/scenarios that audiences suggest. Please e-mail any ideas that you might have.

How important is the discussion guide following the video presentation ?

Feedback from screenings tells us that residents generally feel positive after being immersed in 3Scape videos. Can those positive feelings last? The discussion guide is intended to build on the engagement/momentum from the videos, not end when the videos end. This means encouraging residents to talk about their experiences, the memories rekindled, and other ways the videos impacted them. It is also about building socialization between residents, dialing back feelings of isolation, anxiety and fear. For staff it provides more insight into each resident and how their individual needs might be better met.