The Team


Doug Cole

Founder and President

Doug has over 45 years of storytelling experience through film, video and multimedia. An entrepreneur, he has more than 560 production credits, over 30 awards and more than 100 major clients through his company Image Works Alberta Inc. Doug is responsible for 3Scape’s corporate and technical development including investment strategies, market engagement, and capture and display technology research.


Leah Iwaniuk


Leah has over 30 years of experience in film and television,establishing valuable relationships with independent professionals andbringing major projects in on time and on budget. Her experience withan elderly family member made Leah very aware of 3Scape’s potentialfor that demographic. She worked closely with the psychiatric team and the elderly, creating the experience with them, not just for them.


Mat Fuchs

VP Sales

Mat has worked as a computer programmer, media technician and sales champion for media projects throughout Canada and the U.S. He is an expert on the IQHD 3D Glassless Screen and Media Management System. He is located in Toronto and will handle Ontario – East sales.


Neil Sawers

VP Marketing/Sales

Neil is used to being both marketer and writer, having to sell his own books on writing into the schools’ market. He’s well aware of some of the challenges in reaching key customers in the senior residents’ demographic. However, having seen 3Scape live at major conferences, believes it can make a difference in resident quality of life and needs to be out there.


Marilyn Scott


A professional freelance writer since 1974, Marilyn loves writing challenges. Whether depicting 1000 years of Ukrainian history, or Indian legends in shadow puppets, Marilyn has entertained, informed and delighted audiences of all kinds and received numerous awards for her work. As main script creative for 3Scape, she is a key element in bringing immersive 3D content to life as well as uncovering critical research on the topic.


Glenn Thorpe

Technical Supervisor

Glenn has been a technical supervisor, editor and cameraman for over 17 years and has developed great technical and creative skills. His inquisitive mind and keen interest in digital technical development keeps 3Scape on top of emerging new technologies.


Dylan Pearce

Director/Producer 3D/VR

Dylan is a director whose focus is on storytelling through technology. He directs feature-length films, episodic TV and works extensively in new tech storytelling through VR and 3D. Dylan won an Alberta Film Award for directing “40 Below and Falling 3D”. Dylan was the VR director for 3Scape Systems as well as episodic VR for APTN with Caution May Contain Nuts.


Dylan Reade

IMAX Stereographer and 3D Specialist

Dylan is one of earlier pioneers of the IMAX 3D format and has traveled all over the planet in every possible climate and terrain. With 50 IMAX films to his credit he is exceptionally well qualified to work with the 3Scape 3D program. Dylan found the “Remembering” seniors project filmed in 2013 to be exceptionally satisfying.


Connie Edwards

Resident Engagement

Connie brings many years of experience working with people-oriented projects. She is currently developing her fourth program for CBC’s “The Nature of Things.” A tireless advocate for the production industry Connie is Past President and long-time Board Member of the Alberta Media Producers Industry Association (AMPIA).



Dr. Suparna Madan

Dr. Suparna Madan is Program Medical Director for Geriatric Mental Health in the Calgary, Alberta area. As a consultation-liaison and inpatient psychiatrist at Rockyview General Hospital her conference presentations include managing disruptive behaviors and mood disorders. Her research interests include applying music therapy for disruptive behaviors in demented elderly as well as the application of technology in medical and patient care.


Dr. Darrin Leung

Dr. Darrin Leung works in the field of geriatric psychiatry and recently completed his psychiatric residency at the University of Calgary. His time is spent on inpatient psychiatry and on the geriatric consultation liaison team at Rockyview General Hospital. His research interests include an ongoing study investigating the use of 3D immersive film as a new form of reminiscence therapy.


Faika Satterthwaite

Faika Satterthwaite Born in Turkey, Faika came to Canada in 1979 to train as a Recreation Therapist. While working with war veterans in Calgary in 1985 she discovered that she loved to work with older adults and moved to Rockyview General Hospital to run the Seniors’ Mental Health Recreation Therapy program. She has been involved in various capacities with ATRA and is a huge supporter of including Recreation Therapy in all clinical settings.