Research results to date

Research studies conducted with our first 3D immersive video, based on
reminiscence therapy, have shown that after viewing, residents feel a sense of
relaxation, happiness and are more receptive to social interaction.

Clinical endorsement is vital in proving our product’s effectiveness. These aren’t Hollywood movies. These aren’t off the shelf travelogues; these are specifically designed experiences, tested and created for a senior audience.

The major issues for facility operators are value and effectiveness. Will 3Scape:

• provide cost savings?
• save staff time?
• reduce stress and anxiety?
• help relieve depression?
• add to quality of life?
• be a sleep aid?
• increase socialization?
• be entertaining?

The Studies

Two studies have been completed, one in Canada and one in the United States. Two other studies are in process.

1. Front Porch Center for Innovation & Wellbeing:

Final Report 2020
A 10 month study conducted at Sunny View Retirement Community, Cupertino, CA Through self-reported and observed data, the study concluded that residents had positive opinions about the 3D 3Scape experiences. “(3Scape’s) content production and proactive discussion designs are critical ingredients to creating successful and meaningful engagement opportunities in senior living communities.”
“This was the second time I saw this film. Had an opportunity to see things I had not noticed before – clarity of still water scenes, the beauty of the surroundings, just how big trees can be! How steep the mountains were, how jagged all the boulders were!”

On the whole, residents expressed interest in having 3Scape be a permanent part of Sunny View’s calendar of events. (read more)

2. University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Health Sciences, 2020

Persons Living With Dementia (PLWD) study at St. Therese Villa, Lethbridge, AB. This two-month study deals with showing 3Scape’s 3D videos on the 65-inch 3D “glassless” TV – a TV that does not require 3D glasses or goggles. The study poses the question as to whether the use of the system “improves engagement and wellbeing of Persons Living With Dementia.”
“Results indicate that the Cinematic 3D intervention (3Scapes’s videos shown with the 3D glassless TV) has not only improved outcomes related to sadness, depression, and social interaction, but that these effects endure into the two week post intervention period.” (read more)

Loch Lomond Study:

Loch Lomond Villa partnered with The University of New Brunswick funded by The Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI). A 1-year study conducted at Loch Lomond Villa, Saint John, New Brunswick

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Study:
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital partnered with The University of Alberta Clinical study begins Spring/Summer 2020.