Titles from the 3Scape Library

The following titles are available in 3D Video, Virtual Reality, and 2D:

The Path

Moving down life’s path through a variety of gorgeous landscapes, a woman recounts her life through the friendships she’s shared.
3D and 2D – 22:28 min.
VR 3 videos –
Part 1 4:12, Part 2 6:18, Part 3 4:33


A young girl reminisces about a summer she spent with her grandparents exploring the mountains.
3D and 2D – 21:30 min.

The Dance

A community hall and its dancers come to life and transform through the decades of the 1930s to 1960s.
3D and 2D – 28:05 min.
VR 4 videos – Harvest 8:49, Tap 6:38,
Bunny Hop 7:14, Wedding 6:42 min.

Baby Animals

Who doesn’t love the antics of baby animals and how we immediately smile and forget all our cares!
3D and 2D – 22:10 min.
VR – 1 video 7:30

The Memory Box

A woman recounts defining moments from her life while unpacking precious mementos from a box.
3D and 2D – 17:38 min.
VR 2 videos – Part 1 6:59, Part 2 4:57

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Future Video Development

We’re planning the next 3Scape videos to show your residents. As well as asking residents themselves as to topics they’d like to see, we’ll continue to focus on creating work that triggers memories, calms anxieties, and improves socialization as well as overall quality of life.